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HR Policy

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Appointment Policy

Appointment policy for staff of St .Gregorios Dental College outlines the comprehensive  framework that governs the roles, responsibilities, and expectations for new staff members.  This policy encompasses various aspects, including job positions, qualifications, benefits,  professional conduct, and administrative procedures, all of which collectively contribute to  creating a conducive and productive work environment within the dental college. The policy  includes:

1. The appointment shall come into force with effect from the date of reporting for duty,  which shall be within 10 days from the date of receipt of this appointment order by  whomever, under acknowledgement. All the original certificates regarding the  qualifications and teaching experience shall be produced for verification along with  their certified copies, for office purpose.
2. New staff members will be governed by the existing rules & regulations of the College  amended from time to time. The Management has absolute powers to add, delete or  modify the terms and conditions of the Service Rules, which shall be final and binding.
3. They shall not accept any teaching and/or academic assignments of any kind from any  other educational institutions while serving in this College and shall give an Affidavit to  the effect that you have to give your name to and/or cause to show your name in any other  educational institution in any capacity.
4. Maintenance of decorum, discipline and punctuality and Professional/Academic  excellence of the high order, commensurate to the post. They will be model and source  of inspiration to all others in the College in maintaining high  personal/professional/academic standards.
5. Their services and be terminated at the discretion of the management by giving you one  months notice to this effect. In case of gross negligence, indiscipline or misconduct,  your service can be terminated at any time without any notice.
6. New staff member shall be on probation for one year within a period of two years of good  conduct and works and will be under a moral obligation to serve this Institution for at least  one academic year from the date of your joining. You should be present in the College  during the working hours.
7. They can relinquish your services with our College by giving three month’s notice to the  management of the College to this effect, lest one month’s salary should be forfeited as  notice pay.
8. They shall obey and comply with all the lawful orders and directions given to you by the  College Principal and Management & Presidential officers of the Institution. 9. In case of leaving, they will have to hand over your charges, duties and responsibilities to  the person authorized by the Management and submit a “non-liability” certificate to obtain  the relieving letter. Further upon your resignation being accepted, they will be responsible  for handing over charge of all pending work, papers, files and property of college,  including intellectual property if any (movable and immovable). If they fail to comply  with the above, they shall be liable to make good off the consequential damages or loss  suffered by the college from the dues, arrears, payable to you and to take further action as  it may deem fit.

Attendance Policy

  • All staff should come to the college 5 minutes before the commencement of  classes.
  • Permission for short absence not exceeding one hour on any working day may begranted at the discretion of the designated authority.
  • If the number of short absence exceeds 2 in a month, it shall be considered as half day CL.
  • Maximum of 15 minutes relaxation in the morning can be given. Exceeding 15  minutesmore than 2 times in a month will be considered as half CL. Teachers who  handle first hour must punch by 7:55AM.

Punching time at St. Gregorios Dental College

 Punch InPunch Out
Teaching staff8.00 AM2.00 PM
Non-teaching staff8.00 AM4.00 PM

Dress Code Policy

  • Faculty and staff should dress according to accepted standards of modesty, dignity  and good taste. All staff should wear their aprons and name tag while in College. All  Non-teaching staff should wear their stipulated uniforms and name tag.
  • Faculty and professional staff should follow the professional dress code when  interacting with students in lectures, discussions, laboratories/clinics and other meetings which are of a professional nature.
  • Clothes must be clean, fit properly and not extreme in design or fashion.
  • The attire should be decent and formal.
  • Lady faculties can wear saree/churidar/kurtha with formal pants and dupatta. Tight  fitting garments must be avoided.
  • Male faculties can wear collared shirts tucked into pants.
  • All teaching faculties should use clean, pressed, white professional coat while in  classrooms, clinics and laboratories. The coat should be in good repair, not wrinkled,  greyed, yellowed, and/or stained.

Leave Policy

The following leave rules relating to the teaching, non-teaching staff and students are  issued. All concerned will strictly abide by the rules which supersede all the rules on the  subject issued earlier.

i. Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right.
ii. These rules are applicable to full time staff attending to duties six days a week. iii. The management may refuse or revoke leave of any kind.
iv. A staff on leave should not take any service of employment elsewhere without  obtaining prior sanction of the competent authority.
v. A staff who is on leave under a medical certificate will be permitted to return to  duty only on production of a medical fitness certificate, from a registered Medical  Practitioner. The management may secure a second medical opinion if considers  necessary.
vi. Overstayal of leave without proper sanction will be debited against the Half Pay  Leave account of the employee to the extent of HPL on his/her credit and excess  treated as extra ordinary leave. No leave salary is admissible for the entire period of  such overstayal and the period of such overstayal will not count for increment.
vii. Absence from duty after the expiry of leave renders an employee to disciplinary  action.
viii. A Permanent staff means a fulltime staff who has completed three years service in  this institution.
ix. Non-permanent employees will not be entitled to any leave with pay except the  Casual Leave. A non-permanent employee when appointed substantively  subsequently to a permanent post will be credited with leave which would have  been admissible if his previous continuous duty had been taken in to account.
x. Each staff should satisfy that he/she apply for leave, not exceeding the number of  days they are required to work under the rules on the subject of Dental Council of  India.


1. Casual Leave:-
i) All the permanent staff are eligible for 15 days casual leave in a calendar year but  not more than three days at a time. It shall not be granted in continuation of other  kinds of leave, but it can be combined in any manner with Sundays or other  authorised holidays provided that not more than three days casual leave exclusive  of such Sundays and holidays shall be granted during one period of absence and  provided also that such period of absence shall not exceed five days in a month.
ii) Casual leave to temporary employees will be granted in the same manner as to  those holding permanent appointments but in the case of new entrants who have  not put in at least one year’s service casual leave will be granted in proportion to  their service at the rate of one day for every completed month’s service.
iii) For all foreseen and foreknown reasons, casual leave must be applied for and got  sanctioned by an employee before he avails himself of it. An employee will be  deemed to be absent without leave if this rule is transgressed.
iv) The casual leave of the teaching staff will be sanctioned by the Principal and  leave application will be forwarded to the college office for file purpose. Before  sanctioning the leave, Principal may check up with the office, the leave available  on the credit of the applicant.  
v) The casual leave of all non-teaching staff will be sanctioned by the  Administrative Officer or Principal if there is no Administrative Officer. If  necessary, cross verification may be made with the department concerned to  know whether any objection in granting the leave.
vi) Casual leave in respect of the Principal and Administrative Officer will be  sanctioned by the Director of the College/Manager/Director of the Educational  Trust.  
vii) Casual leave will not be accumulated and carried over to next year.

2. Half Pay Leave (HPL):-
For all the permanent staff, there will be 20 days HPL for every completed  year, on completion of the probation. A staff is eligible to get half of his pay during the  period of HPL. The Principal / Administrative Officer will sanction the leave. In respect of  MDS staff this leave could be availed of after successfully completing one year service.  

3. Commuted Leave
i) All permanent staff are eligible to get commuted leave.  
ii) The commuted leave will be half of the HPL. For the commuted leave eligible pay  will be given. (If an employee has 20 days HPL at his credit, he can commute the  leave, when commuted he will get 10 days full salary but will lose 20 days HPL  from his credit).  
iii) No commuted leave may be granted under this rule unless the sanctioning  authority has reason to believe that the employee will return to duty on its expiry. iv) The Principal / Administrative Officer will sanction the leave.  

4. Earned Leave (EL):-
There would be no Earned Leave.

5. Annual Leave:-
The full time teaching staffs are eligible for twenty days annual leave. This  leave shall not be carried over to the next year. No encashment of leave shall be  allowed.
For non-teaching staff there would be no annual leave, but they are eligible to  half month’s salary as annual bonus, if they have completed three year service.

6. Maternity Leave:-
i) Maternity leave may be granted to those married female employees for a period of  90 days from the date of its commencement, for the first two deliveries.  ii) Such leave will be granted to a permanent fulltime employee, two times only.  iii) The employee is eligible for salary during the period of leave.  
iv) Leave may also be sanctioned to married female employees, in case of  miscarriage/ abortion, under medical certificate, for 45 days.  
v) The Principal / Administrative Officer will sanction the leave.

7. Medical Leave:-
A permanent employee is allowed to enter on medical leave up to a period of  90 days only, under medical certificate. Any extension will be considered by the  management. The Principal / Administrative Officer will sanction the leave. If considered  desirable, a recent medical opinion will be obtained. An employee is not eligible for salary  during the period of medical leave.

8. Duty Leave:-
i) Duty leave need not be granted to an employee to attend to duties on official  matters assigned to them by the college/management as they are on official duty. ii) For the full-time teaching staff duty leave may be granted to attend examination in  other dental colleges as examiner and to attend symposium, paper presentation,  seminars & conferences of their specialty. Such duty leave is restricted to fifteen  days in a calendar year. For all the said purposes the concerned availing the duty  leave shall produce sufficient proof/certificates from the concerned. Sanctioning  of leave to attend such duties outside Kerala is left to the discretion of the  management.
iii) For University duties, the TA/DA eligible for them will be claimed from the  University.
iv) The Principal / Administrative Officer will sanction the leave.

9. Restricted Holiday:-
 All the fulltime permanent staff are eligible to get five days restricted holidays  in a year, excluding clinical holidays and casual leave.

10. Extra Ordinary Leave:-
 Extra-ordinary leave may be granted to an employee, by the management, in  special circumstances when no other leave is by rule admissible or when other leave is  admissible but the employee applies in writing for the grant of extra-ordinary leave. An  employee on extra-ordinary leave is not entitled to any leave salary.

11. Special Casual Leave:-
Special casual leave will be sanctioned to a permanent employee if his/her spouse is  suffering from any contagious disease like chicken pox etc. (note: If the employee’s  wife/husband is sick with chicken pox, he/she can be granted special casual leave for 20 days.  If the employee has got the disease no such leave will be granted.) The employee is eligible  for full salary. The Principal or Administrative Officer will sanction the leave.

12. Special Leave:-
 If an employee under goes hysterectomy/ vasectomy operation she/he may be  granted seven days medical leave on production of a valid medical certificate. The employee  is eligible to get salary. The Administrative Officer or Principal will sanction the leave.

13. Leave of employees other than full-time employees:-
They are not eligible for any kind of leave.

14. Leave during Probation:-
i) In case any teaching or non-teaching staff enters on leave, other than casual leave,  the period of probation will be extended to that number of days of leave.  ii) If leave other than casual leave is availed during Probation his/her next increment  will be fixed on taking into account of the leave availed.

15. Leave relating to Students:-
i) Leave of any kind to the students the sanctioning authority, viz, the Principal, will  ensure that the applicant has the minimum attendance before sanctioning  minimum number of days of leave.
ii) If the applicant is sick the absence should be condoned, under medical certificate. iii) When students attend to inter collegiate competition etc. necessary duty leave may  be sanctioned.

Staff Welfare Policy

Staff welfare policy refers to all practices and procedures used to develop the knowledge,  skills, and competencies of staff to improve the effectiveness and efficiency which will  increase the quality of students and the Institution. St. Gregorios Dental College following a  welfare policy for both teaching and non-teaching staff involves considering various aspects  such as financial support, leaves, healthcare benefits, concessions on treatments, recreation,  professional development, recognition, facilities and securities.

Financial support:

  • Yearly incentives are provided for faculties with distinct performance appraisal  parameters. Promotions are given on accomplishment of necessary parameters.
  • The institution provides loan for teaching and non- teaching staff members, ensuring  financial support and stability.
  • provided to all the non-teaching staff members during the  month of December as part of Christmas festivities with an increment of half of the  monthly salary. An additional increase of salary by Rs.1000 as part of Onam festival  bonus has been a generous gesture that shows appreciation to employees during the  festive season.
  • Non-teaching staff members are entitled to Provident Fund (PF), and gratuity ensuring  financial security and stability.


  • Leaves can be availed by staff such as maternity leave, duty leave, compensatory  leave for extended working hours and medical leave for emergencies and health  issues.

Healthcare benefits:

  • The institution has implemented comprehensive immunization protocols, including  free mandatory vaccinations for students and staff namely Hepatitis B and Covid – 19  vaccines along with campaigns to promote vaccine awareness and uptake aiming to  protect the community from preventable diseases and ensuring a healthy environment  for all.
  • In order to bestow quality dental care to the staff of our institution and their families,  the institution provides concession slips to families with low financial status. This  system has now been modified to dispensing privilege cards to teaching and non teaching staffs to utilise concession benefits.

Professional development:

  • Offer opportunities for continuous learning and skill development through  organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences related to dentistry and teaching  methodologies.
  • Implement flexible work schedules and parental leave policies to support staff in  maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Provide financial support for staff pursuing higher education, professional  certifications or specialized training relevant to their roles.

Recognition and Rewards:

  • Recognize and appreciate staff contributions through awards and other incentives  to boost morale and motivation.


  • The institution provides staff quarters with family accommodation in the campus at  subsided rates.
  • Staff members can avail reprographic facilities such as photocopying, printing and  scanning at reduced rates thereby providing convenient access to course materials,  research documents and administrative paperwork.
  • Cafeteria and well functioning canteen facilities that offers a wide variety of food  options to cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs are available for staff during and  after college hours. This ensures the well being and satisfaction of the institutions  community.
  • The staff mess and other dining facilities on campus offers delicious and nutritious  meals at subsidized rates serving as a central hub for communal dining and social  interaction.
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities present inside the campus provides  opportunities for exercise, team sports and individual fitness activities promoting  physical health and well being.
  • The institution offers a well equipped fitness centre that aims to promote physical  fitness and overall well being among the community.
  • Dedicated parking spaces are provided on the campus for all teaching and non  teaching staffs. The institution also encourages sustainable transportation by  offering charging facilities for electric vehicles.
  • Free access to high speed internet, including free WiFi is provided that promotes  communication, enhances productivity and facilitates seamless integration of  technology into various educational and administrative processes.
  • The institution provides free aprons for all teaching staff to provide a professional  appearance thereby enhancing the credibility and trustworthiness of the wearer. ? All the non-teaching staff members are provided with free uniforms that  contributes to a conductive and inclusive environment within the institution.
  • The campus is under CCTV surveillance and CCTV visuals are regularly  monitored by chief operating officer. Security guard services are available on a  fulltime basis to patrol the premises, monitor entry and exit points, and enforce  security protocols to prevent unauthorised access to the campus.