The undergraduate dental curriculum integrates basic sciences, clinical dentistry, and practical or laboratory skills into a structured year-by-year teaching program aimed at ensuring a seamless progression from pre-clinical to clinical phases. This comprehensive approach spans four and a half years, followed by a compulsory paid rotating internship year, during which students receive hands-on training at Dental colleges recognized or approved by the Dental Council of India.

The undergraduate dental course begins with foundational subjects such as anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. This foundation progresses into pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, general medicine, and general surgery. Concurrently, as course progresses it focuses on specialized aspects of oral and dental tissues, oral biology, and oral pathology. The later phase builds upon the knowledge gained in the first two, emphasizing clinical and technical aspects essential for general dental practice.

Hands-on laboratory skills are honed through pre-clinical training in Prosthodontics, Crown and Bridge, Conservative Dentistry, and Orthodontics. Dental morphology is also a fundamental part of early training. By the course's conclusion, students are equipped to comprehend the human body's development, structure, and function in health and disease contexts.

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