Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Programme/Programme Specific Outcomes (POs and PSOs)

Programme Outcomes (PO)

Knowledge Domain

PO 1:     Understand the clinical principles and methods to create a coherent picture of abnormalities, lesions and diseases of the mouth, teeth and jaws, as well as preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of dentistry. [K6]
PO 2:    Attain knowledge in scientific foundations on which dentistry is based and a good understanding of various relevant scientific methods and principles of biological functions [K2]
PO 3:    Evaluate and analyze scientifically various established facts and data. [K5]
PO 4:     Apply the basic knowledge in emerging technologies in the field of dental education and patient care.  [K3]
PO 5:    Diagnose and manage various common dental problems encountered in general dental practice, keeping in mind the expectations and the right of the society to receive the best available treatment wherever possible. [K4]    

Skill Domain

PO 6:    Ability to examine& provide preventive, restorative and rehabilitative dental treatment to patients using modern techniques and technology including radiographs [K4]
PO 7:    Acquire skills to prevent and manage complications, if any, encountered while carrying out various dental surgical and other procedures. [K5]
PO 8:    To practice infection control and participate in environmental safety programs [K3]
PO 9:    To assess and treat patient (s) with diverse medical, physical, psychological, social and/or linguistic needs. [K5]

Attitude Domain

PO 10:    Maintain a high standard of professional ethics [K5]
PO 11:    Apply current knowledge of dentistry in the best interest of the patients and the community.  [K3]
PO 12: To participate in life-long learning to update knowledge and professional skills[K4]

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO)

PSO 1:    Attain better proficiency in prevention, diagnosis and treatment with empathetic attitude embedded on ethical values [K5]
PSO 2:    Acquire evidence-based knowledge on fundamentals of dentistry and to identify and solve dental related problems. [K5]