Fully Functioning Library

Rules and Regulations

The Library of the St. Gregorios Dental College is established for the benefit of Staff and students of the College. However it may utilized by other persons with prior permission from the concerned authorities.

1. The functioning of the Library will be according to the Open Access System.

2. The SGDC Librarian will be guided by the decisions of Library advisory committee.

3. The Purchase of books and journals will be made based on the requirements of the college. However the faculty through their HOD may recommend purchase of books/journals.

4. The Library shall function from 8 am to 10 pm on all working days except Sundays.

5. Entrance to the library will be restricted to the members.

6. A complaint / Suggestion book shall be maintained by the librarian and shall be made available to the users of the library on demand.


All members of the staff and all the bonafide students of the SGDC will be de facto members of the library.

Conduct of the members in the library

1. All users of the library shall maintain utmost decency and decorum and shall desist from chatting and discussion inside the library room.

2. Before entering the Library hall, every member shall enter his/her name and other details in the prescribed book kept for that purpose at the entrance.

3. Silence should be strictly observed in and around the premises.

4. Students should produce the ID cards if and when demanded by the library staff.

5. The members shall not carry personal belongings and textbooks with them in to the library hall. They shall deposit the same in the space provided for the purpose at the entrance.

6. Mobile phones are prohibited in the library

7. Issues of General books are restricted to only once in week.

8. Absence, illness, exams or projects etc are not an acceptable excuse for late submission of books or exemption from paying an overdue charge / fine.  In calculating the overdue charge only the institutes holidays and Sundays are left of reckoning. If the due date falls on above days the book may be returned the next day.

9. The librarian may recall the book any time before its due date. He may increase the overdue charge for failure to return a book when it is due or recalled.

Damage / loss of books

Damage or loss of books borrowed shall be intimated to the librarian immediately.  Fine at the prescribed rates will be levied if the damage/loss is not reported within the permitted day of return.  Any member who damages/loses books shall replace the same with the same edition of a new book or pay the price for a new book.