Hostel for Boys & Girls


1. Students can go out on Wednesdays and Sundays.

2. Return time is 6:.30 pm.

3. Late coming should be priorly informed to wardens and permission should be taken.

4. On other days students can go out in case of emergencies with special permission from staff warden.

5. Movement register entry should be kept in the hostel and the main gate.

6. House visits are permitted only once in a month (2nd Saturday) and if the college is closed for more than two consecutive days.

7. For special reasons/emergencies leave may be sanctioned. 

a. Special reasons:-appointments in Govt. Office, Banks, Academic related reasons, Marriage of siblings etc.

b. Emergencies:-Severe illness/death of family members.

8. Unless there is an emergency leave forms should be submitted in the office before 2 PM on the previous day.

9. Day scholars are not permitted to enter the hostels without permission.

10. Visiting relative’s house or friend’s house should be priorly informed to office with consent from parents.

11. Going back to hostel before 2 pm without permission from staff is not permitted.

12. Consumption of alcohol or smoking is a punishable offence. If caught or complaint is received, the student will be expelled from the hostel.

13. Furniture's kept in the mess should not be taken out of the hall.

14. Making noise or playing music in high volume disturbing others is strictly prohibited.